On this episode of Talking Space, we discuss the journey of Endeavour from Los Angeles International Airport through the narrow streets to its new home at the California Science Center. The shuttle got in later than expected, and we explain why. We then discuss the Red Bull Stratos jump, where Felix Baumgartner jumped from 24 miles to a safe landing on Earth, breaking some pretty impressive world records and almost not surviving. Lastly, we discuss the Dragon docking to the ISS, the failure of the Orbcomm payload which hitched a ride on the Falcon 9, and then we get into interviews. Mark sits down with many members of the CRS-1 NASA Social and get their opinion on the debate brought up last week of social media versus traditional media.

Special thanks to the following for their interviews. You can click on a Twitter username to follow them.

*Note, these are in order of how they appeared on the show:

Adam Kostecki @AIAspeaks

Manya Susoev @ManyaS

Kara Haas @greenposgirl

Emily Carney @emilyc1978

Stacey Severn @FanciFlautist

Robert Neff @5wa

Richard Hay @WinObs

Molly Wood @mollywood

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As well, apologies for the occasional audio issues, specifically in the beginning.

Host this week: Sawyer Rosenstein. Panel Members: Gene Mikulka and Mark Ratterman

Show Recorded - 10/15/2012

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