On this episode of Talking Space, the team picks themselves up after a long week of covering the STS-135 mission and discuss the final flight of the space shuttle program. We talk about Atlantis's now 13 day mission to the ISS, its purpose, and some moments of anticipation as the clock ticked down to launch. We mention the significance of the end and hear some stories from the people of the future of manned spaceflight as well as some funny stories of the training for this mission. Also, check out some pictures still being posted on our blog at http://talkingspaceonline.com/135. And don't forget, a full show on our amazing adventures for this launch will be coming up in the very near future!

NOTE: We couldn't complete this episode without thanking everybody who helped to make our live broadcast of the launch a complete success, especially those at the website http://astronomy.fm who hosted us and lent us their servers for this historic event. A copy of the broadcast will be available shortly on our website.

Host this week: Sawyer Rosenstein. Panel Members: Gina Herlihy, Gene Mikulka, and Mark Ratterman

Show Recorded - 7/10/2011

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