The era of US crew transitions onboard the International Space Station has resumed with the launch of the Crew 2 mission to the orbiting facility and the return of the Crew 1 astronauts via the Commercial Crew Space X Crew Dragon Capsule. The flight is also is a moment of history in both the United States, Europe, and Japan in their space program as well, and the team brings all into perspective. Also, Sawyer Rosenstein was on hand for the Crew-2 Launch and collected some great sounds of the SpaceX Falcon 9 as it reaches for the Space Station with its multinational crew on board.


China places the first segment of its space station to orbit, but it's not without consequences to those back on Earth. The core stage of the Long March 5B booster was not equipped to be disposed of properly while on orbit. We explore some of the implications of this with our own Dr. Kat Robison.


A new NASA Administrator has been installed, and it's someone who is no stranger to US space policy and politics. Former Senator Bill Nelson has been sworn in as NASA's 14th Administrator, and the team has no shortage of observations and opinions to share on how the new Administrator's tenure may unfold.


The Human Landing System decision was handed down in recent weeks, but the single provider decision is not without controversy. We debate the wisdom of the decision and why the two other providers under consideration have filed protests.


To close the show for this week, we make the passing of a true gentleman who has forever made a mark in human space history. NASA Astronaut Michael Collins passed away at the age of 90 after a battle with cancer. The team celebrates his life and his accomplishments.


All that and more on this installment of Talking Space.


Show recorded: 5-4-2021


Host: Sawyer Rosenstein

Panelists: Dr. Kat Robison, Gene Mikulka  


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