On this episode of Talking Space we talk with Carl Carruthers about how to get your science project on the International Space Station. Starting in 1998 Carl has navigated the complex process to have his research fly in space. Now he wants to share how much easier it is with resources currently available through NASA, CASIS, Implementation Partners and others. Download this show to keep as a resource for the day when someone says "I wish I could get my experiment in orbit".

We hear about several previous of Carl's previous projects that flew on shuttle and his upcoming project that will fly to the ISS via SpaceX Dragon capsule early in 2013. We also talk about crew health in space & early detection of osteoporosis (EDOS) http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/research/experiments/EDOS.html

Carl mentions searching for more information about bisphosphonates in microgravity - so go ahead and search that term and learn more. Check out the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education at http://ncesse.org/

For information about the Space Florida ISS Research Competition and the workshop on Oct 5 that Carl will speak at go to http://www.spaceflorida.gov/iss-research-competition/

Carl's great writeup titled "How Can I Get My Science Project on the International Space Station" with all the links  is at http://www.theproteinwrangler.com/2012/07/19/how-can-i-get-my-science-project-on-the-international-space-station/ on Twitter follow him at https://twitter.com/proteinwrangler

Host this week: Mark Ratterman, Panel Member: Gene Mikulka with Special Guest Carl Carruthers

Show Recorded - 09/26/2012

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