On this episode we talk about asteroids. In particular the one affecting Russia and of course the flyby of 2012 DA14. Next up or down as the case may be, a Proton rocket launch failure and a Sea Launch Zenit rocket launch failure causing loss of their payloads. The 21st Century Ground Support Systems upgrade at Kennedy Space Center gets some time on this episode too. Will the work done and planned at KSC benefit government or commercial users or both?

Watch the video titled "Dave Travels - Episode 11 NASA Space X" by NASASocial SpaceX CRS1 Launch attendee David Bankston @TravelsDave

Also enjoy the great information from the (NHMFL) National High Magnetic Field Lab Check your community and others around you to see what riches are there to be discovered. Expand your knowledge like the NHMFL did for Mark.

Show recorded - 2/18/2013

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