With Sawyer Rosenstein under the weather, the Talking Space Team is joined by singer song writer and space advocate, CraftLass with Gene Mikulka in the left seat.  We examine NASA’s new Astronaut Class and discuss the media’s reaction. The Wave At Saturn project to coincide with a photo NASA/JPL plans to take of Saturn’s ring with a cameo appearance by our home, Earth in the photo. We then move on to NASA’s Asteroid Initiative Industry and Partner Day, where the space agency asked, Academia, Industry, and anyone to help get humans to an Asteroid by setting up a Request For Information. We discuss an article by Policto article indicating Congress is trying to do away with the Asteroid Mission altogether and put in place a Constellation-Like program, featuring a Lunar and Mars base (with no additional funds to pay for it). and a little bit of a Twitter firestorm that happened when Gene Mikulka posted the article on his Twitter feed. The Houston Chronicle's SciGuy, Eric Berger, posted the results.

Host this week: Gene Mikulka. Panel Members: Mark Ratterman and special guest CraftLass

Show Recorded 06/19/2013

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