On this episode of Talking Space, we discuss the return of the Soyuz TMA-08M. Although the crew returned safely, there was a major flaw with the craft. We then take a look at Orbital Science's first attempt to send its Cygnus resupply craft to the International Space Station aboard its Antares rocket. On our second trip around the table, we discuss Voyager reaching interstellar space, but is that actually leaving the solar system? We then go into the debate over who gets the famous pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center and where the battle is going now. On our final trip around the table, we discuss the new, affordable Epsilon rocket launched from Japan. Finally, we look at some harsh comments about the future of the ISS.

Host this week: Sawyer Rosenstein. Panel Members: Gene Mikulka, Mark Ratterman

Show Recorded 09/16/2013

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