On this episode of Talking Space, we talk about the recent launch and return of crew members from the ISS, as well as their special cargo, the Olympic torch. We discuss the torch and whether this is symbolic or just a big publicity stunt. The, we talk about India's Mars Orbiter Mission, how much it cost, and if the cheap price tag means less science. Then, we talk about some great articles to read and charities to donate to by looking at Scott Carpenter. On our second trip around the table, we tackle four stories, including some private space. We start with a TV deal between Virgin Galactic and NBCUniversal to cover the first SpaceShipTwo launch. We then go into our continual in-depth look at all things space junk and debris with the reentry of GOCE and how photos and social media helped find out where it actually crashed. We then look at the interesting background of one of the 2013 Astronaut Class members. To finish it off, we answer a listener letter about our discussion of the Falcon 9R a few episodes back and if it really is cost-effective or not.

Thanks again to Clark for sending in the letter. You can send in your thoughts on anything we discussed by email to mailbag@talkingspaceonline.com, on Twitter @talkingspace or on Facebook atfacebook.com/talkingspace

For the article on Scott Carpenter, visit http://www.collectspace.com/news/news-110213a.html

As well, you can find the Astronaut Scholarhisp Foundation at http://astronautscholarship.org/

For the video on Christina Hammock in Alaska, visit http://youtu.be/ar1V0t2HF28

Host this week: Sawyer Rosenstein. Panel Members: Gene Mikulka, Mark Ratterman

Show Recorded 11/11/2013

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