On this episode of Talking Space we discuss the SpaceX launch attempt of 25 November 2013 which ended with a hold then a scrub with plans their next try for 28 November. The ExoMars mission entry descent and landing module has been named after Italian Astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli. We talk about the discoveries Schiaparelli made in 1877 of "canali" or channels on Mars. ExoMars first launch is scheduled for 2016.
Then some news about cancellation of the new ASRG equipment ptogram using PU-238 Radioisotope and an upcoming launch of CNSA Chang'e 3 to the moon.
The Chang'e 3 will have a lander delivering China's first rover to the moon. Gene brings up some real concerns about anticipated effects of the Chinese lander's exhaust plume on the US LADEE satellite which just started measurements to establish baseline readings of the lunar exosphere. Could the Chinese Chang'e 3 interfere with LADEE? It sort of depends on how you look at the LADEE mission objectives.
Space Tourist Dennis Tito appeared before the US House subcomittee on space. He wanted the US government to to join with his vision of Inspiration Mars "A Mission for America" http://inspirationmars.org/ Sounds foolhardy and dangerous to Gene and for 2017/2018, $700 million from NASA'a budget is out of the question.
Olympic Gold Medal winners on Feb 15th of the 2014 Winter Olympics will recieve a medal with a piece of the Chelyabinsk meteriorite that exploded over Russia on that date in 2013

Ok now pay attention.... Time to give math some respect as we hear how "Algorithms + F/A-18 Jet = Vital Testing for SLS Flight Control System"
Read the details on this Marshall Space Flight Center / Dryden Flight Research Center program and see how young these "Rocket Scientists" are via the link below

Happy 15th Birthday from Talking Space to the International Space Station. Here is the Canadian Space Agency video Sawyer mentions that is a must watch showing ISS construction made possible by Canadarm2

Host this week: Sawyer Rosenstein. Panel Members: Gene Mikulka, Mark Ratterman

Show recorded 11/25/2013
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