On this episode of Talking Space, we discuss the dire state of planetary science at NASA. We look at both an article and a video by Bill Nye of the Planetary Society which lay out what the future of planetary science is, or shall we say isn't. We then mention the winners of the Axe/Lynx Apollo contest who will be going to space, and some interesting demographics about the group. We then talk about one team making a name for themselves in the race for the Google Lunar X Prize called Moon Express. We then take a look at another space podcast which should be added to your regular listening in addition to Talking Space called Omega Tau. On our second trip around the table, we take a look into a private venture aiming for Mars. We then look at the new endeavor which astronaut Mark Kelly is involved in which would brings passengers to near-space in a balloon. We finish off talking about one six-year-old's petition which gives hope for the future of spaceflight and humanity.

To listen to Omega Tau, check out http://omegataupodcast.net/

To sign the petition to help a six-year-old get more money to NASA, visit http://1.usa.gov/1hFmpNA

Host this week: Sawyer Rosenstein. Panel Members: Emily Carney, Gene Mikulka, Mark Ratterman

Show Recorded 12/9/2013

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