On this episode of Talking Space, we continue our discussion of SpaceFest VI, which was held in May in Pasadena, California. We begin where we left off last episode, with a look at some of the talks and panels from this year's event. We look at ion engines, the Russian space program, comets and more, all of which were discussed at the event. We include a final recap of some more of our favorite moments, and discuss a trip to the Mount Wilson Observatory after the event. Finally, we wrap up with another space event that happened the week after SpaceFest, and that was the International Space Development Conference, or ISDC. Mark Ratterman joins us with a special interview with Azam Shaghaghi about the event.

For more on SpaceFest, visit http://spacefest.info

For more on ISDC and other items heard during the interview, visit the following links:


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Host this week: Sawyer Rosenstein. Panel Member: Gene Mikulka with Mark Ratterman and special guest Azam Shaghaghi

Show recorded 06/06/2014

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