Our Mark Ratterman was on hand at NASA's Kennedy Space Center for the rollout of  America's new launch vehicle: NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) rocket with the Orion Spacecraft sitting atop the 322 foot stack. . It was the first time a large rocket set on its way to the launch pad from the Vehicle Assembly Building since the Space Shuttle. No longer on the drawing board or an artistic rendering, Mark was on hand to bring us his unique perspective on this moment of history, including a reminder that space travel isn't just technology, there's a very human side to it too.

The team discussed the upcoming preparations for the initial Wet Dress Rehearsal, a test of the rocket's ground support equipment, procedures, and the people who will be responsible for launching the SLS/Orion combination on the first leg of the journey to the Moon.   

The team also examines further the impact of Russia's actions in Ukraine and the continued fallout there has been for the spaceflight community, and we end with a light side of space courtesy of the Canadian Space Agency.

All this and more on this edition of Talking Space

Show recorded: 4-2-2022

Host: Sawyer Rosenstein

Panelists: Mark Ratterman & Gene Mikulka 

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